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Prozil Forte – 50ml


Prozil Forte

Anticonvulsant, Antiemetic, Anti-stress as well as a tranquilizers to relieve anxiety or excitement and potentiate the action of analgesics, sedatives.


  • Acepromazine maleate
  • Atropin


Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection

Young pigs, goats and sheep: 1ml/ 20kg body weight

Adult pigs, goats, and sheep: 1ml/ 40kg body weight

Calves and young horse: 1ml/ 50kg body weight

Cattle and adult horse: 1ml/ 100kg body weight

Dogs: l ml/ 5-8kg body weight.

Cats and rabbit: 1ml/ 2-4kg body weight

Poultry: 1ml/ 5kg body weight


Storage Condition: Store below 30 °C (room temperature)

Keep away from direct sunlight and heat exposure.

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