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PROVICAL PET 200ml (PROMO 6 + 1)



  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  •  Vit D3
  • Vit B12
  • Contains approved flavours and colouring agents.



Calcium supplement in puppies , Supplement in pregnant & lactating bitches, as it helps in remineralisation of bone during lactation it also stimulates fracture healing, and it contains proteins which help in physical growth & tissue repair.



Puppies : 5 ml twice a day

Dogs : 10 ml twice a day

Cats : 2.5 ml twice a day

Pet Birds : 10-15 ml / 100 birds

Pour directly into mouth or mash into food


Storage Condition: Store below 30 °C (room temperature)

Keep away from direct sunlight and heat exposure.

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