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Potassium Permanganate – 25kg


Potassium Permanganate:


Used for poultry house fumigation. It also treats many skin infections including eczema, dermatitis, bacterial skin infections and thrush. When larger areas such as infected eczema on large areas of the body, particularly in the presence of blisters, pus or oozing, may require treatment with water baths. These water baths must contain very dilute potassium permanganate solutions.


Use 200g of Potassium Permanganate with 1 litre of Formaline per 100cu. Metres of air.


Storage conditions: Keep container tightly closed in a dry place and avoid direct sun light. IT IS VERY CORROSIVE and HANDLE WITH CARE. DILUTION is essential as it is concentrated solutions burn skin. Even dilute solutions can irritate skin and repeated use may cause Burns.

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