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BEXTON – Meboliv Syrup (1L)


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BEXTON – Meboliv Syrup (1L)

  • Diffuse diseases of the liver, infective, acute or chronic hepatitis, jaundice, enlarged or tally liver, liver cirrhosis etc.
  • For quick recovery from an illness, anemia, malnutrition, inappetence, anorexia, debility and general weakness and to promote growth.
  • To promote growth and body weight gain
  • To protect and overcome the damaging effect of anthelmintic, antibiotics and other chemical drugs, environmental chemicals, food preservatives etc. On liver  and wellness.
  • For optimum liver function. digestion and metabolisation and glucose synthesis especially during 2 weeks pre and post whelping in bitches and cats to prevent energy deficit.
  • As adjuvant in malnutrition specially protein malnutrition


  • Cats, Pups and Small Dogs : 5 ml
  • Dogs: 10 ml
  • To be given orally once or twice daily for 10 – 15 das or more as required
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