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Immuplus Syrup – 1 Litre


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Immuplus Syrup – 1Liter

For the effective control of infections and to express the full potential of antibiotics, it is necessary that the immune-status of the patient should be sufficiently competent to efficiently recognize these bacteria, phagocytose and kill them.

ImmuPlus AFS Syrup is a polyherbal formulation which contains the extracts of selected natural herbs.

ImmuPlus AF Syrup potentiates both cellular and humoral components of the immune system with consequent increase in the non-specific resistance and host detence against pathogenic stimuli


  • ImmuPlus AFS Svrup optimises bod resistance and vaccinal response by increasing primary and secondary antibody titers.
  • ImmuPlus AFS Syrup significantly increases the microbicidal activity


  • To optimize vaccinal response with different vaccines such as Parvo, Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis. Anti-Rabies, Feline Leukemia etc for longer staying and higher antibody titers.
  • To get full response of antibiotics with immune modulation for effective control of infections as well as to prevent recurrence or infections, secondary infections and generation or resistant pathogens.
  • To enhance immunity in pregnant cats and bitches and for transfer of optimum immunity to kittens and pups
  • In major Surgery, Burn injury or Multiple Trauma


  • Cats, Pups and Small Dogs : 5 ml
  • Dogs and Bitches ; 10 mi
  • To be given orally, twice daily as long as required or as advised by the Vet.
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