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Gutmotil AFS Capsule – 100’s


Gutmotil AFS Capsule – 100’s

A multi dimensional, gut function stabilizing system which arrests and treats diarrhea quickly, effectively and safely as well as stabilizes normal gut function.


  • Gutmotil AFS Capsule inhibits growth of bacteria, adsorbs the toxins and gases present in the affected gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Gutmotil AFS Capsule provides a soothing and protective coating to the gastro-intestinal mucosa to guard against inflammatory and irritant effects or toxins and gases present in the G.I. tract.
  • Gutmotil AFS Capsule prevents fluid accumulation and loss of water and electrolytes due to anti-secretory action.
  • Gutmotil AFS Capsule does not destroy beneficial microflora or interfere with their normal activities and consequently restores the digestive functions.
  • Gutmotil AFS Capsule allows sufficient time for anti-infectives to work, in infectious diarrhoea, when given as supportive therapy.


  • For quick recovery from various gut disturbances to maintain normal digestion & health
  • For early recovery from infective (bacterial. viral. protozoal) or parasitic diarrhoea.


  • Cats, Pups and Small Dogs : 1 capsule
  • Dogs: 2 capsules
  • To be given orally, twice daily, till required
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