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Curam 156.25mg – 5ml SUSP 60ml


Curam 156.25mg – 5ml SUSP 60ml


Each 156.25-mg/5 mL, susp contains amoxycillin 125mg clavulanic acid 31.25mg as potassium salts

Excipients: Lemon, orange and peach apricot flavouring, citric acid anhydrous, trisodium citrate anhydrous, aspartame talc, guar galactomannan, silicon dioxide.



Tablet & Suspension: Treatment of upper & lower respiratory tract infections. Tablet (375 mg and 625 mg) and Suspension: Treatment of skin & soft tissues infections; genito-urinary tract infections. Tablet (375 mg and 625 mg) & Suspension (156.25 mg/5 mL & 312.5 mg/5 mL): Treatment of other infections including osteomyelitis, septicaemia, peritonitis & post-operative infections.



Store below 25°C.
Suspension: Protect from light and moisture. Store the reconstituted suspension in a refrigerator (2°-8°C) and use it within 7 days.
Shelf-life: 2 years.

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