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CALUP GEL – 300GM (10+3)



Oral ionic calcium gel for the treatment of Milk Fever
and primary uterine inertia

♦ Increases calcium mobilization from bone
♦ Increases calcium absorption from intestine
♦ Activates the vitamin D3 & calcium metabolism
♦ Ensures rapid and efficient absorption of calcium.
♦ Enhances serum calcium level within 15min of oral administration.
♦ Maintains serum calcium level; longer than I/V calcium therapy.
♦ Provides 5 times more calcium than I/V calcium injection

♦ Follow up therapy: 1 tube very 6 hrs Repeat in 24 hrs after IV infusion
♦ For prevention of milk fever and for easy expulsion of foetal
membranes: administer 1 tube 6 hours prior to calving and 1
tube 6 hours after calving.

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