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Blowpipe Set “OVERSEA” (SET 32T.C)


Blowpipe Set “OVERSEA”


1 x B32T.C – Blowpipe with mouthpiece, 2m long, divisible, Ø 11 mm
10 x S30B – Blowpipe lightweight syringe 3cc
10 x K1138B – Blowpipe needle size Ø 1,1 x 38 mm
3 x U30B – Blowpipe training dart with training needle UK1530V
1 x FUL30B – Filling set for blowpipe lightweight syringes 1cc – 3cc
1 x BRG11-13 – Cleaning set with wool brush, Ø 11-13 mm
1 x SAFE H – Blowpipe case

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