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BEXTON – Urinorm Capsule/Syrup


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BEXTON – Urinorm Capsule/Syrup

  • Urinorm is safe & effective kidney tonic, nephrogenic, uricosuric & diuretic.
  • Helps to control inflammation in the kidneys. Thus it is useful in the treatment of nephrotic syndromes.


  • Urinorm optimizes the functioning of the kidneys to ensure proper filteration, selective reabsorption and excretion of the end products of tissue metabolism thus regulating the volume and composition of body fluids.
  • Urinorm helps to keep the kidneys and urinary tract flushed and working at optimum efficiency, to restore and maintain normal urination.


Renal insufficiency / compromised renal functions, burning micturition or recurrent urinary tract infections, Ascites, Renal hypertrophy, Nephritis, Cystitis and other Nephrotic syndromes.


  • Cats, Pups and Small Dogs : 1capsule / 5 ml syrup
  • Dogs: 2 capsule / 10 ml syrup
  • To be given orally, twice daily for 20-30 days or more, as required.

100ml Syrup, Capsule 60's

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